Driving Yourself to Happiness


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Guest Blog Post by Valerie Alexander of www.speakhappiness.com

Everything you achieve in a day depends on your attitude that day.  Sure, you can be angry, frustrated and grouchy and still get a lot done, but those accomplishments are diminished by your lousy mood.  The best way to move confidently towards your goals, and get farther and farther each day, is to be happy, regardless of your circumstances.

What is the one attitude killer most of us face before the day even starts?  Our drive to work.  How often has your day been ruined before it begins by a horrible commute?  Did it make you feel out of control to be stuck, with nowhere to go…stewing?  I bet that didn’t make for the most productive workday, and definitely not the most enjoyable.  How could it?  You started in a happiness hole.

But there are some easy techniques you can practice every…

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