Become a Cultured Person


Many things can be bought, but time and experiences cannot. Do the things you want to do, travel the world, learn, see, absorb and enjoy everything that our wonderful earth has to offer us.

I have said many times how grateful I am to have traveled all over the world.  I think it’s so important to know what it’s like in other countries, how people live their daily lives, and to understand where certain things come from.  Many Americans have never left the country, and while that’s okay, they are limited to the very young history that we have there.  My first time abroad was with my grandparents when we toured through Europe when I was 12 years old.  We visited 13 different countries in about a months time.  To this day, I believe that was the best time to dive into different cultures as I was just “finding myself” if you will.  I have been to Europe many times since and have found that I’ve acquired many of their habits, down to the way I hold my utensils and my lack of admiration for ice in my drinks.  Not only do you develop understanding of the foreign cultures themselves, you really get to know and understand people with strong admiration.  We as humans are usually very quick to judge others if we do not understand what makes them who they are.  When you travel the world and become the “guest” in their country, you become more aware of your surroundings.  Whoever you think you are right now and whatever you think you want from life right now will change if you travel for a long time. I still have yet to see all the countries I’d like.  There are approximately 200 different countries in this world, and to date I have only been to: France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Croatia, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Sweden from what I can name off the top of my head.

You will see the world, experience different cultures and meet many people. You will learn much about yourself and your expectations and goals in life may just change completely. Traveling the globe will result in you meeting many people, some interesting and some dull. The chances are big that you will make friends in many countries, and some of those friendships may be for life. I have some friends in countries around the world that I have met, and I could stay with them anytime and visa versa.

What makes you tick? Do you have a burning desire to find out more about something? The world has plenty to offer! Take a trip and induldge on your curiosities. #YOLO

Where are some of the best/favorite places that you have traveled to?



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