Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb Experience


So today was my last day in Sydney and my dad gave me a suggested “dare” that I climb the Sydney Harbor bridge that towers 500 feet above the ice cold, shark infested waters of the harbor.  I gave myself my own medicine of pressure by Tweeting that I was going to do it.  Yesterday, there was a crazy storm midday that resulted in torrential downpours and hail.  I woke up this morning and said I was going to climb that bridge -rain, or shine.

I called and booked my ticket for the 1pm climb, giving myself plenty of time to get pumped and get hydrated.  I walked over there staring up at the massive piece of architecture the entire step of the way.  You walk into the lobby and it’s like something out of Disney World’s Space Mountain.  After about 40 minutes of dressing into our gear and getting our orientation, we were standing 3 stories above the parking lot on a small metal plank hooked onto a wire no thicker than my computer charger.

The most challenging part of this journey was the four flights of ladders that you had to climb while trying to drag along your harness.  Once you got past those, you were on mesh gated stairs that allowed you to see straight down to the water and freeway hundreds of feet below you, all while the chilled wind caught your rain jacket, turning you into a human parachute.

After climbing to the top, I don’t think I can honestly think I can describe the feeling you get.  For me, my mind was clear.  Beside the fact that it was FREEZING cold and winds unlike you’ll imagine, it’s absolutely incredible.  You are able to see EVERYTHING in Sydney…from the Opera House, Olympic Village, to the whales down in the water….amazing.

I could go all in on what it’s like to experience this journey, but it’s best to see and do it for yourself.  People go back and forth on the price, but it’s worth it.  If the view and exercise don’t do it for you, think about how you can fund those brave workers who dangle on the trusses without harnesses to bring fireworks, new paint, or new truss services….you are funding that to get done. Our leader, Romeo, he told us that their busiest day (NYE) brings up to 18,000 people…that’s amazing!  Just as an FYI, there has been 1,400 proposals and 20 some weddings this year alone on top of the highest arch. Not my personal choice for a wedding, but proposal, maybe?



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