Technology and Fashion: New Trend in Style


It is inevitable. Fashion and Technology are joining together and the hottest new accessories are technology related. Like any other art, the long-term trends in fashion are often driven by advancements in technology.  New materials merge with the old and new needs will drive innovation while fashion slowly evolves.  Companies have been using new technologies to create amazing clothing and accessories.  It’s only time that we can Tweet from the sleeves of our dresses, or check-in on Foursquare from the heels of our shoes. 

Silicon Valley is the mecca of most tech companies and has long been known for semiconductors and social networks, not stilettos and socialites as those in New York. But in a place where the most highly prized style is to appear to ignore style altogether and the hottest accessory is the newest iPhone, growing groups of people are challenging standards by innovatively embracing fashion.  It’s the perfect marriage of East meets West. 

Some people just notice the clothes, but for many, it’s the accessories that make the difference. Expression is arguably the most important function of clothing today, and arguably one of the key reasons we wear clothes at all, historically speaking.  It seems natural that technology will eventually influence the ways in which we express ourselves. Top designers know have caught on to this too; that’s why so many have lucrative accessory collections and breaking new barriers in technology. 

A bag is a key item in self-expression. A bag is the introduction and conclusion to your fashion story. A bag is the primary and final thing we see when glancing at a person. A bag is the single most crucial and significant element in conveying who you are to the fashion community and that is why…it is vital to own a chic and stylish laptop bag.  I love the Hermes-Birkin inspired bag that includes it’s very own charger! Richard Nicoll


A phone or tablet case is a favorite accessory of mine because it’s so simple and inexpensive to change. Not only do most of us drop our phone far too often, a cell phone case is ingenious and one of the most accessible methods of self-expression. Companies have made it affordable and fun for us to represent our favorite colors, teams, designers and even custom photos on our cell phones. While on the spendy side, I can’t get enough of this iPad case from Celine in Paris! Bergdorf Goodman


Headphones make up one of the hottest properties in the current fashion market. Since first appearing to perplexed looks from fellow commuters, bulky fashion headphones have gone from a quirky sight to a fashion must-have. It appears head hi-fi is here to stay.  They compliment any fashion accessory or consumer electronic as we have come to realize that headphones are now becoming the new accessory to convergence products, rather than the other way around.  The vFree Bluetooth on-ear headphone by Velodyne Acoustics is one of the best fashion headphones that’s out there.  The sound is incredible, and they are very lightweight.  They also work with your phone and other Bluetooth devices so you can enjoy your music and conversations on the go without the obnoxious cables in the way.  They also come in white, black, and silver.


Headphone Skins are an innovative fashion accessory that add a bit of bling to the simplest technology and our love of music. The interchangeable headphone covers from Velodyne are striking, affordable and takes fashion technology to the next level. Headphone covers are the earrings of the future and create an emotional bond between fashion and sound. Velodyne will be releasing a series of skins to cover their vFree headphones at prices similar to cellphone cases.  Some will be textured to give you a more high-fashion look.  Rumor has it that you will be able to custom make your own as well during Fashion Week and with select retailers!



4 thoughts on “Technology and Fashion: New Trend in Style

    • I want that bag so bad! It can charge any portable device and can last up to 3 days! I’ve seen it, but can’t find out where to buy it. And yeah, those headphones are pretty dope 😉 I can’t wait until they’re out this fall!

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